Property management
Our service of secretary - administrator of the estate is based on the pillars of responsibility, rigor and proximity.
Rental management
We seek maximum profitability from the landlord and maximum well-being for the tenant.
Real estate
Our goal is to reach the maximum number of potential customers and that the purchase and sale operation is a success accompanying both parties throughout the process until the signing.
Real estate rental
Put the property on the market taking into account all the legal regulations and reach as many potential customers as possible.
Real estate legal advice
We have a legal team specialized in all matters related to the real estate world, from taxation, litigation between neighbors, successions and mortgage matters, among others, with close and professional advice.
Asset management
We aim to ensure that our clients obtain maximum profitability and are informed at all times of the status and best investment for both their assets and future investments.

Who are we?

Fabra finques began its activities in 1963, with the administration of the Rambla d’Ègara estate, today more than 50 years later we still have its trust.

In this way, we are committed to advising and accompanying you in finding the right solutions for your home, whether it is to sell or rent your home or to manage your community with the desire to innovate by providing solutions and professionalism.

In our management team we have two collegiate property managers and expert staff in real estate issues. The legal services with lawyers specializing in horizontal and vertical property. In this way, we also have the advice of technicians and architects in order to know, prevent and treat the pathologies of buildings and study the energy efficiency of buildings in order to reduce costs.

We belong to the Association of Property Administrators and to the Association of APIS, and we are registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents of Catalonia (AICAT) with the number 2098 .

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