We give you the energy efficiency certificate for free

Now for the sale or rental of your home we give you the energy efficiency certificate.

The energy certification of buildings provides useful information when buying or renting a home. It allows the user to assess their energy characteristics, and to know the approximate annual energy expenditure.

The certificate incorporates a report that evaluates the characteristics of the home in comparison with the average of its climate zone and with those qualified with an A. It also contains information on the economic savings if measures are applied to reduce energy expenditure. In the case of existing buildings, the certificate also incorporates recommendations and improvements to obtain a more efficient energy behavior, increase the comfort of the home and reduce energy expenditure.

What includes the certificate

Building identification: building name, address, cadastral reference, etc.
Details of the certifying technician and the developer or owner.
Use of the building and operating and occupancy conditions.
Indication of the recognized procedure used for the qualification.
Indication of the applicable regulations.
Description of the energy characteristics of the building: envelope and facilities.
Energy efficiency qualification obtained.

In addition, in the case of existing buildings, the energy certificate contains the previous and the following documentation:

Building identification: building name, address, cadastral reference, etc.
certificat eficiencia energetica

The energy efficiency certificate will have a maximum validity of ten years. A new certificate is not required before this period ends. The property may voluntarily proceed with its update when it considers that there are variations in aspects of the building that could modify this certificate.

The energy certification is required by law at the time of advertising the property and failure to do so may result in penalties from the administration.

If you are interested in the conditions in order to have the certificate for your property, fill out the form on this page or send us an email at info@fabrafinques.com and we will inform you of the conditions.

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