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If you plan to buy a property, you will have to pay the Property Transfer and Documented Legal Acts tax. Since January 2022, many estates have a certain cadastral reference value, which is sometimes higher than the actual price of the transfer. In these cases, it must be settled for this value, but you can request the rectification of the self-assessment and the return of undue income to the Tax Agency of Catalonia.

This year, the sale price of second-hand flats has changed at the time of taxation. Until now, taxes were paid based on the sale price in the deed, being 10% for the property transfer tax, but since January 1, 2022, the Ministry of Finance has set a reference value determined by what is to be taxed, this data can be consulted on the cadastre page and is based on the deeds of sale of the previous year in each area.

This value often disagrees and is higher than the sale price and forces you to tax more. You can always buy the flat below this average price, but it is irrelevant to the landlord that you pay the taxes you want.

If the buyer does not agree with the marked value and is above what it is worth and therefore comes out to pay more than he considers fair, he will have to pay first for what the tax marks and in any case, lodge an a posteriori claim providing evidence that the property has a lower price. The cadastre will analyze the case according to the evidence provided and determine if it returns what we have overpaid.

Contact us and we will help you make the formal claim.

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